Go digital, make the jump !   


Reward the loyalty of your customers


A loyalty card integrated into your mobile application.

A loyal customer consumes 67% more a new customer.

Loyal customers account for 55% to 70% of your turnover.

Win in autonomy


The CRM and Statistics tools let you know everything about your customers. Better understand your customers to serve them better.

Boost your sales


Manage your own campaigns by SMS, Email or Push.

Send a promotion and notify your customers in only few clicks.

Give value to your business


Create a sound database to add value to your business.

Your mobile application


Custom your mobile application and definitely go digital.

Customize it according to your needs: order online, pay online, access social networks…

Reduce your marketing costs


Target your audience and you manage the costs of your future marketing campaigns.

Get the best return on your marketing campaigns.

Discover the features of the mobile application

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A strong loyalty

Your customers accumulate points and follow the evolution dynamically.



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Your instant offers

Your promotions are displayed in your application.



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Showcase your shop and activity.

Showcase your store from all angles by including pictures of your establishment.


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You shop is at hand of your customers: phone, address, email, social networks …



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Customers’ opinion

Collect the your customers’ reviews to keep improving yourself.

A management tool for your business

A statistical dashboard

Appwards is the tool that helps you to know your customers better. Multi-platform and easy access to a multitude of data.

Opt for added value

Enhance your business by establishing a rich database.

Your marketing campaigns 2.0

Connect, compose, filter, send. In a few clicks, you are in contact with your customers by sending your latest marketing campaigns.

Target your audience accurately

Use the multi-filter tool to target your audience: age, sex, recurrence, expenses … This will reduce your marketing budget and define your offers with more accuracy.

A mobile application

Benefit from an application that will seduce you. Sign up, you are delivered in 48 hours! Customize your application to your taste.

100% dematerialized loyalty card

A fairer loyalty program. You choose your own loyalty program and reward your best customers. It’s your turn!

Analyze the behavior of your customers

You have always dreamt to understand the behavior of your customers? It is possible today. Use Appwards tool to improve your customer relationship.

An application for your customers

Marketing campaigns

Your customers instantly receive your latest offers. It will boost your sales as soon as you decide.

100% dematerialized loyalty card

Scan your customers each time they come and reward the best one with vouchers.

Consumer reviews

Your consumers’ opinion is essential to keep improving. Your customers rate your establishment to help you enhance it.

Stay connected

Your customers stay connected and see all your current offers you sent.

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2Creation of your application

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3 Your customers happy!

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Appwards offers 3 monthly plans


  • Mobile Application
  • Loyalty card
  • SMS campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Push Campaigns
  • Assistance online


  • Mobile Application
  • Loyalty card
  • SMS campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Push Campaigns
  • Statistical dashboard
  • Assistance online